Wake up your business blog

Wake up your business blog

Revive your tired blog and increase traffic

Blogs are like new year’s resolutions. You make a strong start, full of good intentions. But life gets in the way, your blog slides down the to-do list and falls asleep in the corner.

It’s not too late to revive that tired, unloved business blog. With focus, you can pep it up, build brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. Here are my tips:

1) Know your audience

It’s obvious, but often overlooked. Who are you speaking to? Who buys your products? Who shares your passions and values? Build up a picture of your audience by talking to your customers and looking at website analytics and social media insight tools. The more you can tune in to the kind of people who interact with your brand, the more fruitful your blog will be.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” -Oprah Winfrey”

2) Keep a blog ideas book (or board .. or wall!)
So, what to write? Don’t just use your blog to announce your news and promote your service or products. Explore the interests you share with your audience. Keep your eyes on social media. Read the press. What’s causing controversy? What’s trending? What’s coming up?

If you’re in health food, it could be ‘staying healthy on holiday’; if you’re in interior design, it may be ‘how to become a minimalist’. Make a note of things that you and your customers would enjoy discussing. And then share your own perspective and input, remembering to do some research to check facts, names, dates and links. Fresh, accurate writing is always valued.

3) Make your blog search engine lovable
Be kind to search engines and they’ll be kind to you. While it may be a chore, it’s worth making the extra effort to keep your blog search friendly. That way, crawlers will recognise that you have relevant, interesting content on an up-to-date and established website. And your audience will happily stumble across your blog posts when they search.

There’s lots of in-depth advice about SEO-friendly blogging, but here’s my checklist:
– Have a clear structure (heading / subheading / intro / short paragraphs / conclusion)
– Write an amount that Google can get its teeth into (around 300 words upwards)
– Make it valuable and original (put some effort in – don’t just rehash other websites)
– Incorporate 1 or 2 keywords (search terms your audience look for) several times
– Include internal links (to your web pages) to show the content’s relevant

4) Don’t give up on your blog
It takes patience and commitment to build a blog. So be as frequent as you can – without compromising quality. Research shows that the more you blog, the more traffic and leads you’ll attract. So if it can’t be every day, then aim for once a week.

Just like that new year’s resolution to cut out pub lunches, you have to persevere to reap the benefits. Stick with it. Enjoy it. Remember why you started this journey. A lively, high quality blog will eventually earn trust and have people clicking through.

If your blog has lost its way, or you just don’t have the time and energy to keep it up, get in touch. Ask about my blog writing service on +44(0)7779 255201 or send me an email..

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