Kakuma: Website & infographics

Kakuma: Website & infographics

Client: Education Above All
Project: Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
Working again with Emakina agency in Belgium on behalf of Education Above All Foundation, I wrote this website to promote a project in Kenya. The model at Kakuma refugee camp aims to transform the international approach to refugee aid.

Motivated by the ever-increasing numbers of long-term refugees, this ‘living model’ will empower refugees of all ages and abilities through education and lifelong learning. It is the result of a partnership between Qatar Foundation and The United Nations Refugee agency UNHCR, together with six other partners who are sharing ideas, resources and expertise.

To bring the copy to life, I selected emotive refugee quotations that had been recorded by EAA in a recent visit to the camp. I also selected key statistics to provide at-a-glance information, and wrote copy for infographics which explain the model framework and interplay of sectors clearly.

Read about my voice-over script for the Kakuma film here.

Visit the website.

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