DHL: Formula E film script

DHL: Formula E film script

Client: DHL
Project: Formula E film script
Agency: Big Bad Wolf (with 3 Little Pix studios)
Formula E is a ground-breaking FIA single-seater championship and the world’s first fully-electric racing series. I worked with 3 Little Pix to spread DHL’s sustainability message on different channels, compatible with VR.

The Formula E “eStory” has been told through a series of animated films, shared on social networks, multimedia sharing platforms and the Formula E eVillage. I wrote the ‘infrastructure’ script for DHL, to explain their logistical support of the electric racing series – and collaborations with other partners. In keeping with the spirit of innovation, the films are compatible with virtual reality (VR).

Formula E – The eStory: Chapter 3 “Infrastructure” from 3 Little Pix studios on Vimeo.

Along with other Formula E infrastructure partners including BMWi, Julius Bar, Michelin and Renault, DHL is supporting the transition to sustainable mobility.

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